Lymphoma is Driven by G.I. Dysbiosis

Lymphoma is driven by G.I. Dysbiosis

G.I. dysbiosis is identified
as one of the roots of cancer.

70% of the immune system lies in our G.I. microbiome. Optimizing the microbiome is key for anyone with a cancer diagnosis.

Growth and development of lymphomas, otherwise known as Lymphomagenesis, can be impacted by the microbiome. Research has demonstrated that the eradication of specific microorganismsfrom the gut microbiome leads to improved outcomes. Increased dominance by specific microbes in the microbiome can also play a role.

Research has shown the microbiome of patients prior to chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy can be a predictor of treatment outcomes across many lymphoma types. Higher microbial diversity, meaning you have a high number of different species that are evenly spread across your gut microbiome, is more common in patients who achieve a response to treatment compared with those who do not.

For patients in active treatment for lymphoma, a study to develop a bloodstream infection risk index for patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, who were undergoing stem cell transplantation, was able to accurately predict a patient’s risk of developing infection posttransplant. The study reveals pretreatment gut microbiome could be an important predictor infection risk after treatment.

Lymphoma Patients Deserve Specialized Treatment

What bacteria live in your microbiome?

Using stool study kits backed by research on the microbiome allows us to study the bacteria in your G.I. microbiome and make recommendations for treatment.

Stool studies offered by Hyperion Functional Medicine are key in optimizing the immune system in patients with cancer.

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