Jennifer Bouchard Hyperion Functional Medicine Founder

You want to THRIVE, not just survive!

YOU are in control of your journey healing  your roots to chronic disease and cancer.

Schedule an Inspiration Encounter to talk about what will deeply impact your health. A  journey towards healing implementing a functional medicine based health plan that is effective and offers long-term support for healing and recovery..

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Healing through functional medicine is a journey, I partner with you giving you the tools you need to help you place yourself in the path of healing.

By restoring your energy at the root, you can again achieve cellular balance.

At Hyperion Functional Medicine, we’re all about root cause resolution, digging deep into what causes your symptoms or disease. Start your journey to improved health today with my unique functional medicine/functional oncology and lifestyle medicine program to address chronic disease and cancer. Schedule a Inspiration Encounter with me to discuss your goals and make a plan for healing prior to your initial appointment.

I help cancer patients and survivors to optimize the soil that contains cancer roots:

Learn about how and why to live healthier lifestyles.

Decrease inflammation impacting cancer growth and proliferation.

Learn how to optimize detoxification in their body through impact on genetic SNPS.

Learn about nutrition deficits and support nutrition impacting cancer recovery and remission.

Learn stress reduction techniques to impact cancer growth and proliferation.

Heal the gut and optimize the immune system.

Normalize and potentially detoxify harmful hormones, particularly toxic forms of Estrogen.

Optimize their cancer microenvironment further impacting cancer growth and proliferation.




We Combined Functional Medicine and Oncology

How They work Together

I lost my beautiful 30-year-old daughter, Hannah, to a rare Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in 2020.  In her memory, and for others' lives I can touch to implement change, I will offer functional tools to support their efforts to restore health, optimize cancer treatment and prevent recurrence.

LemonSpark Podcast
My Story: Sometimes it takes a lemon to spark a dream.........A Mother's Mission After Daughter's Cancer Battle: Get to the Root Cause:

Too often, people think of “wellness” in temporary terms.  They are led to take short- and long-term steps, multiple treatment protocols with chemicals, surgeries, radiation and pharmaceuticals, to heal cancer, improve survival outcomes and symptoms without dealing with the unhealthy routines and lifestyle choices that may have created the cellular imbalances leading to cancer in the first place.

After years of seeing this happen with patients, AND with myself, I offer a functional medicine practice that not only helps you improve your overall wellness, but also gives you the tools through multiple coaching platforms to successfully continue your lifelong  journey through health and disease and optimize cancer survival.



THE TREE OF LIFE: "Hyperion" 

The  "Hyperion" tree logo was taken from a "tree of life" painting I created for my daughter while she underwent cancer treatment at Yale.

We all are "trees of life' and we can discover our roots to disease and change our destiny by clearing our microenvironment where cancer thrives.

Become who you truly are: A Survivor. Optimize your tree of life, your connection between earth and heaven. The Tree of Life represents harmony and balance: rebirth. We go through periods of growth and renewal after our healing from periods of disease. Create a renewed tree of life through discovering your roots to disease: cancer.

I left my position at the Cleveland Clinic in March of 2022 to offer healing through a "Functional Oncology" treatment program.  Roughly 5-10% of cancer is caused by damaged DNA. Looking from a functional medicine perspective, the remaining 90-95% of cancer cases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, poor diet that, in turn, damage mitochondrial function.*

Cancer is a metabolic disorder resulting in damage to the mitochondria and cellular metabolism, in response to unhealthy lifestyles, environmental toxins, stress and trauma, inflammatory foods, an unhealthy gut contributing to immune system dysfunction and chronic inflammation.

In addition to your oncologist's and oncology team's plan for treatment, using the Functional Medicine model, I will give you more tools to use to optimize healing.

*Anand P, Kunnumakkara AB, Sundaram C, Harikumar KB, Tharakan ST, Lai OS, Sung B, Aggarwal BB. Cancer is a preventable disease that requires major lifestyle changes. Pharm Res. 2008 Sep;25(9):2097-116. doi: 10.1007/s11095-008-9661-9. Epub 2008 Jul 15. Erratum in: Pharm Res. 2008 Sep;25(9):2200. Kunnumakara, Ajaikumar B [corrected to Kunnumakkara, Ajaikumar B]. PMID: 18626751; PMCID: PMC251556

Who should be a part of the program? 

If you are at high risk for cancer development or recurrence,  are currently in treatment, or in a post-treatment phase/remission.

We need to work together to change the mindset that cancer is a death sentence. Thoughts are energy, and my intention is to change those thought patterns ingrained in us.

DO you want to know if you’re a good fit for Hyperion Functional Medicine? Please answer these questions.

Rate each on a scale of 5 (very willing) to 1 (not willing)

Are you ready to significantly modify your diet?

Are you willing to take 5 to up to 10 supplements a day?

Are you willing to modify your lifestyle which affects your work demands, sleep habits, diet, exercise?

Are you willing to practice a relaxation technique every day?

Are you comfortable using the Internet for virtual medical appointments on your computer and using an online medical record similar to MyChart and/or Epic?

How supportive you think the people in your life will be while you are implementing the above changes?

Your answers to these questions will be addressed during your inspiration encounter. We want you to be a great fit!


CANCER: The Functional Medicine Perspective

“The cellular rhythm and dance of life is altered in response to different environmental signals, and that cancer represents an altered orchestration of that complex symphony. The cell is constantly in dynamic flux; cellular signaling creates messages that induce changes internally and externally and the cell is continually changing and morphing in response to the environment it is exposed to.”
-Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Founder of Functional Medicine

Focus Areas in Functional Oncology

Because of cancer, the normally well-regulated activities of the body’s cells and organs are disrupted. Pharmaceuticals and other therapies have been developed to target each hallmark and its molecular signaling. Pharmaceuticals can yield dramatic results.

But cancer cells are very adaptable, and can adapt ways to resist the therapy prescribed. 

In Addition to Standard of Care Cancer Treatment Plans Prescribed by Your Oncologist,  We Develop Personalized Functional Medicine Treatment Plans and Focus on Cancer Pathways Influencing Your Cancer Microenvironment to Promote:

  • Reduction and Control of Inflammation
  • Reduction of Oxidative Stress
  • Gene stability and DNA repair
  • Modification of Gene Expression
  • Normal Cell Cycling
  • Apoptosis and Natural Cell Death.
  • Normal Mitochondrial Function and Energy Production
  • Normal Hormone Modulation and Metabolism
  • Regulation of Glycemic Load
  • Inhibition of Invasion and Metastasis
  • Control of Angiogenesis, and Monitor Coagulation
  • Resolution of Latent and Active Infections
  • Enhancement of Detoxification




My Journey:

ANCC board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Multi-State Licensure as a Registered Nurse

Masters in Public Health, Tulane University

Member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Member of the Cleveland Integrative Oncology Working Group

Member of the Cleveland Chapter of Integrative Health and Medicine

Member the Institute of Functional Medicine

One of nearly 1800 Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Providers (IFMCP)

Member of the Society for Integrative Oncology

Coursework and Research in Oncology:  Foundations of Integrative Oncology. Dr. Nalini Chilcov L.A.c O.M.D.


The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Nasha Winters N.D, L.A.c, FABNO and Jess Higgins Kelly MNT.

Healing Strong Cancer Support Group, Hold a Silver Partnership.

The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)

IFM Functional Medicine: The GOLD Standard of Functional Medicine Practice

IFM’s Functional Medicine Certification Program has been developed by the foremost thought leaders in the field. IFM-Certified Practitioners are the most sought-after clinicians in the field and possess a depth of experience and knowledge honed by years of practice and their commitment to the ongoing development of core concepts, tools, and applications.

I trained through the IFM scholarship program and alongside many amazing and seasoned  Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine providers, including Dr. Mark Hyman MD.  I strive to stay up to date and search for current and evolving research based treatment options in the field of western medical oncology, functional medicine, integrative oncology and functional oncology that is now an emerging field in medicine.

IFM supported the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine initiative to develop and study innovative care delivery models for patients with chronic diseases, resulting in the Center’s expansion of care delivery.  I am proud to be a seasoned provider with extensive clinical experience from the Cleveland Clinic Center of Functional Medicine.

A provider at the Center for Functional Medicine Cleveland Clinic on Main Campus and in Chagrin Falls from 2017-2022.

Functional Medicine Experience includes clinical work alongside former Clinic Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine Director, now innovator, and best-selling author, Functional Medicine leader,  Dr. Mark Hyman MD.

Who is Jen?

I am a lover of the water. I live in a beautiful community in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, with a lake in my backyard, and spent most of my childhood summers, even now, on a beautiful family owned lake property in Indiana. I read many nonfiction, health-related books and research documents in my spare time. My education spans decades, I earned my BacheIor's in Nursing degree through Valparaiso University in 1986, my Masters in Nursing and Degree as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner in 1996 from Indiana  Wesleyan University and a Masters in Public Health, with a strong focus in environmental health and toxicology from Tulane University in 2005. I have had a strong interest in and have practiced energy work daily for the last 25 years through various forms of meditation (Dr. Joe Dispenza, ZIVA meditation), utilizing the Energy Codes, and Medical Qi Gong. I love to cook and experiment with new flavors. My time relaxing and socializing includes cooking delicious healthy meals in my home or wherever I might be with friends and/or significant other.  I offer these delicious meals to my family and friends and emphasize the importance of healthy plant based organics and grass fed/organic meats whether dining in or out. I enjoy as much time as I can with my daughter, Caitlin, who is a level 1 Trauma nurse in Chicago; we meet "halfway" at the lake house in Indiana many times through the year to enjoy time together, and with other family members and friends in between our personal and career demands.

How Functional Medicine has impacted my life: I was diagnosed with a rare genetic motor neuron disorder in 2014 at Cleveland Clinic after more than 20 years of leg weakness symptoms. This condition "sort of" mimics Muscular Sclerosis with spasticity better described as muscle stiffness.  I tried prescribed pharmaceuticals and physical therapy which offered no change in what I was feeling or displaying. After reading “The Wahls Protocol” by Multiple Sclerosis survivor, Dr. Terry Wahls MD, and “The Disease Delusion” by Dr. Jeffery Bland PhD, the founder of functional medicine, I was led to have a strong clinical interest in functional medicine.  Through my own research, and after six months of working with an expert in chiropractic functional medicine treatment, Dr. Stuart White (https://doctorof the, taking prescribed supplements, adhering to the elimination diet, removal of eight dental amalgams, three infected root canals and leaving a toxic relationship, my symptoms markedly improved. After assuming a position in the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, was seen by Dr. Hyman in 2017, chelated for mercury and arsenic, eliminated toxic and inflammatory foods, practiced a full detox plan and continued daily exercise including 30 minutes of walking daily and Pilates core work five days a week, my symptoms were markedly improved. My Cleveland Clinic neurologist questioned how I “changed my gait,” he did not agree that my functional medicine treatment plan was “getting at the root” of my symptoms and physical changes were just a result of weight loss and “more exercise.”  But he revised my gait disorder severity.

Jennifer Bouchard, CEO of Hyperion Functional Medicine in Cleveland, OH

In 2017, a newly created "Hybrid" position was offered to me at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. I was the first uncertified and clinically inexperienced  provider hired to learn functional medicine and become a part of the amazing team.

My passion for healing is personal as you may suspect, I know the physical and emotional suffering that comes with chronic illness, and cancer. I learned from this personal experience and later, from my own patients at the Cleveland Clinic.  I gained clinical expertise and learned specifically that the roots to chronic illness symptoms are deep and many diagnoses are just symptom labels in order for a drug prescription to be made that “may” change you. In most cases these drugs do not work because they are not addressing the “root” of the problem.

I want to help YOU to realize what your underlying triggers or “roots” are in relation to your symptoms and potential chronic illness. I will utilize the latest tools available in functional medicine including include supplement protocols, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle modifications to place you on a journey towards healing.

Cancer: MY Functional Medicine perspective

I have been on a personal and passionate oncology journey after observing the effects of cancer and treatment effects on the body.  My mother died from metastatic lung cancer in 2006. My dad's brothers died from metastatic pancreatic cancer and metastatic lung cancer. My mother's mother from metastatic breast cancer.  These family members all had unhealthy lifestyles.  My daughter, Hannah, was lost to a very rare and unrelenting stage 4 nasopharyngeal carcinoma in 2020. She did not respond to state of the art treatment with chemotherapy and radiation by an excellent head and neck oncology team at Yale. I began studying the gastrointestinal microbiome as it relates to the immune system in more detail--up to 70% of the immune system lies in the gut, which is central to optimizing the body's ability to heal. While Hannah was going through treatment, and after I returned to work at the Center for Functional Medicine, I began developing a plan for optimizing the immune system in and for cancer patients through first, healing the gut. This is imperative for care of patients who may be or have been exposed to chemotherapeutic and/or the newer immunotherapy agents.  I took the Oncology Nursing Society Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy exam which enabled me to have a clearer understanding of pharmaceutical cancer treatments and effects of these agents. My goals at Hyperion Functional Medicine look from the functional oncology perspective:

Eliminate the toxic burden.  Optimize the immune system, heal underlying and possibly latent infections. Decreasing inflammation which can stimulate angiogenesis and cause cancer to  metastasize. Optimizing the microbiome and digestive system/heal leaky gut is a priority. Evaluate and manage genetic SNPs which directly affect inflammation and detoxification pathways.  Manage blood sugar and eliminate hyperinsulinemia. Balance hormones. Optimize physical, emotional stress, and biorhythms. And last but certainly not least, offer deep nutrition plans through an oncology and functional medicine nutritionist, because food is medicine and nutrients from these foods are a great force in healing from cancer.

Understanding what risk factors there are that allow cancer tumors to take hold are key to healing.  Gut studies will be offered detailed to optimize of gut healing through use of prescribed supportive supplements, and food, as medicine. Genetic studies will be offered to optimize detox pathways and other genetic SNPs that may lead to or exacerbate cancers.

Nutritional and emotional support through our functional medicine/oncology nutritionist, functional medicine health coach, and holistic psychotherapist are all a part of our supportive and healing plan.


Discovering YOUR Root Cause Contributing to Your Cancer

Central to the practice of functional medicine with an oncology focus is an examination of the core clinical imbalances that underlie various disease conditions leading to cancers.

This is initiated through obtaining a disease history and symptom timeline which includes, but is not limited to, toxin exposures, infections, traumas, past treatment plans success and failures.     

Initial gut microbiome testing is offered to all patients (looking for dysbiosis, inflammation/ signs of leaky gut, infection, etc.)

Hormone testing based on cancer type and history 

Breath testing: As indicated by history and exam

Labwork: includes inflammation biomarkers (high sensitivity CRP, neutrophils, insulin levels, cholesterol/NMR), fibrin and fibrinogen levels

Nutritional/nutrient evaluation as indicated

Detoxification Pathway Evaluation (Serum Glutathione, MTHFR, Homocysteine)

Insulin resistance assessment

Toxins: mold, heavy metals, endocrine disrupters testing

Hereditary genetic testing 

Evaluation of sleep, activity, trauma


Nutritional counseling through myself, nutritionist, health coach, and prescribed supplementation though Fullscript.

Gut healing plan is central for healing at the root and symptoms/history are detailed and recommended to all patients who come on board.

An absolute necessity to immune system health, inflammation reduction and potentially success in cancer treatment is a healthy gut. 

Evidence based complementary therapies through the IFM Certified Health Coach and Holistic Psychotherapist (exercise plans, stress reduction techniques, mind-body techniques, Reiki, etc.)

Sleep problems addressed

Other varied plans as indicated by your test results and treatment effects


How We Can Work Together

Functional Medicine/Functional Oncology is a cash-based "virtual" practice. "Inspiration Encounters" can be scheduled with Jen Bouchard APN MPH IFMCP to discuss your history, current symptoms, and goals leading to a plan to schedule an appointment.  Treatment package costs,  package details and discounts will be discussed during the Inspiration Encounter.

How to Make an Appointment:

All visits will be scheduled by the patient through the link to the scheduler. You will receive an email from Hyperion Functional Medicine on how to make a connection to the "Patient Portal." Here you can see all your documents and questionnaires required for your scheduled appointments, make payments for services, receive discharge plans and educational materials.  For Virtual Visits, you will see a link and instructions how to connect to the team member for your scheduled appointment.

Why Virtual Appointments?

Virtual appointments are more convenient for patients, saving time traveling and money paying for very expensive gasoline, or other travel arrangements. More patients are able to connect virtually for a visit from a distance.  Exposure risk to Covid is reduced, the pandemic may surge again at anytime. The charges for cash based visit plans are kept down with the "overhead" for costs associated with a leased clinic eliminated from the package price.

 In the Phase 1 Functional Oncology Program, we provide a personalized treatment package based on your special cancer history and goals for treatment. Most functional medicine and functional oncology patients experience significant improvements to their wellness within several weeks of starting to live within a functional oncology plan. Options for an ongoing healing relationship and specific functional medicine/oncology treatment plans continue after the initial Phase 1 program.

First Step: Initial Discovery Consult

Schedule 15-30 minute Inspiration Encounter with Jennifer Bouchard APN MPH IFMCP to assure that the team at Hyperion Functional  Medicine can help you achieve your goals.  To schedule a call, go to the Hyperion Functional Medicine Electronic Medical Record (EMR) link above.

Initial  Visit

In-depth 2 hour intake visit with advanced practice provider Jennifer Bouchard  to initially addresses your history and mapping of symptoms to address the root cause processes that underlie your illness.  An initial 60 minute visit with the Health Coach, nutritionist and the Holistic Psychotherapist will be available for you as well.


Follow-Up Visits

90 minute provider follow-up visits are offered with Jen in addition to additional customized health coaching with Yvonne Mitchell, certified IFM Health Coach, and the Nutritionist

Our Visit Packages

See "Start Here" above and click on "Plans and Services"


Our Functional Oncology treatment platform is based on The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) standards of practice which are aimed treating the whole person, not just symptoms, and targeting the root cause of disease. The same is true for functional oncology. We are not just interested in treating symptoms or cancer as a diagnosis with a drug or radiation treatment. The patient is seen in a holistic view, is fully considered in addressing imbalances in the body. There are very few practices in the country focusing on functional medicine and using it as a platform to treat cancer.  The Hyperion Functional Medicine Functional Oncology Program through Hyperion Functional Medicine evolved out of Jen's clinical experience as a certified functional medicine provider at the Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and the hands-on experience she had with her daughter during her cancer journey with Stage 4 nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. We take the proactive steps identified by the IFM to diagnose and treat the root cause(s), then further dive into the research-based causes, contributors to the roots of cancer. Central to the program is understanding the cancer hallmarks which drive cancer occurrence and cancer cell production, then applying the roots of chronic disease to cancer manifestation. Functional oncology is being shown to impact cancer treatment outcomes and recovery when we look at our functional oncology treatment plans.

Take The First Step On Your

Journey With Me

Perhaps you have questions you’d like to ask before you make the decision to become a patient.  I am standing by, happy to answer any questions you may have to determine if Hyperion Functional Medicine is right for you. The EMR link to our clinic scheduler is your quick access to schedule your free 15 minute "Inspiration Encounter" with me. We will talk about your symptoms and goals and make initial appointments.

I work solely as a consultant in functional medicine/functional oncology, I cannot assume the role of your primary care provider, oncologist, or particular specialist:

ALL Patients must maintain a relationship with a primary care provider for annual/yearly screenings and emergencies in addition to any specialist(s) they have a treatment plan in place with.


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Treatment Focus is based on a Functional Medicine/Functional Oncology Platform