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  • Initial Consultation: Fill out our form to schedule your first meeting with Jen Bouchard APN MPH IFMCP, who will learn about your cancer history and current health status to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs.
  • Personalized Care Plan: Working together, we will craft a treatment plan tailored to impact your medical and cancer history

Hyperion Functional Medicine is ready to put you on our healing team. We are pioneers in the field of functional oncology. At Hyperion Functional Medicine, your health and comfort are our paramount concerns. Each member of our team understands the complexities of cancer and tailors their approach to meet the unique needs of every patient.  Allow us to accompany you on this journey to heal your cancer from the roots. Schedule your appointment today.


For patients who have had their Inspiration Encounter, and have been accepted into our program, schedule your first appointment below for Phase One Functional Oncology.