Discovering Your Root Cause Contributing to Your Cancer

Central to the practice of functional medicine with an oncology focus is an examination of the core clinical imbalances that underlie various disease conditions leading to cancers.

This is initiated through obtaining a disease history and symptom timeline which includes, but is not limited to, toxin exposures, infections, traumas, past treatment plans success and failures.

  • Initial gut microbiome testing is offered to all patients (looking for dysbiosis, inflammation/ signs of leaky gut, infection, etc.)
  • Hormone testing based on cancer type and history
  • Breath testing: As indicated by history and exam
  • Labwork: includes inflammation biomarkers (high sensitivity CRP, neutrophils, insulin levels, cholesterol/NMR), fibrin and fibrinogen levels
  • Nutritional/nutrient evaluation as indicated
  • Detoxification Pathway Evaluation (Serum Glutathione, MTHFR, Homocysteine)
  • Insulin resistance assessment
  • Toxins: mold, heavy metals, endocrine disrupters testing
  • Hereditary genetic testing
  • Evaluation of sleep, activity, trauma


  • Nutritional counseling through myself, nutritionist, health coach, and prescribed supplementation though Fullscript.
  • Gut healing plan is central for healing at the root and symptoms/history are detailed and recommended to all patients who come on board.
  • An absolute necessity to immune system health, inflammation reduction and potentially success in cancer treatment is a healthy gut.
  • Evidence based complementary therapies through the IFM Certified Health Coach and Holistic Psychotherapist (exercise plans, stress reduction techniques, mind-body techniques, Reiki, etc.)
  • Sleep problems addressed
  • Other varied plans as indicated by your test results and treatment effects

To learn any core clinical imbalances that may be impacting you, schedule an Inspiration Encounter with Hyperion Functional Medicine President, Jennifer Bouchard.

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